Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A wonderful week-end!

This weekend I had so much fun. First, on Friday night, we went to see my sister's high school's football game. My sister's school (Notre Dame High School) was versing another High School named Crespi High School and Notre Dame won! It was really close to being a tie but the score ended up being 26 to 28.

Then, we drove to Santa Barbara where we stopped at a nice hotel with a pool and a spa. On Saturday morning, we went hiking. The hike was not so long, it was about 1 hour and 45 minutes. the view from the top was incredible! On the trail there were some amazing plants with a very good smell and we picked some up and what a delight it was for us!

Next, we went to the Pier where we ate some delicious Sea Food. Including, Crab, fish and ships, and calamaris. I ate calamaris and shared a crab with my dad. 

Then, we went to the Historical Museum of Santa Barbara. It was really interesting and very cool too! It actually had a magic painting which means that when you pressed a button, it had somebody talking in it. After staring at it for a while, I realized that it was a screen that they made to look like that person in the painting was actually talking to us.

Then, we went on the board walk. My parents were walking, my older sister  was jogging, I was on my scooter, my little sister was on  her scooter and my brother was on  his skateboard. The boardwalk was near the pier, and when you reached a certain point, there was fascinating structure which was very colorful!

We stayed at the boardwalk for a long time and after that we left for a camping place.

Before we went into our cottage, we stopped at a bar/restaurant. Their were two different rooms. One was the bar and I loved it because they were playing guitar inside and I am learning how to play guitar so it really helped me. The restaurant's name was, Cold Tavern.

The we drove about 10 more minutes and got to our cottage. Our cottage was very nice and we had one bunk bed which my sister and I slept in, one queen sized bed which my brother and my little sister, and one king size bed which my parents slept in. The cottage was pretty small but it was just the right size for us!
This is what our cottage looked like:

 (the one on the right)

In the morning, right after we woke up, I played a game card with my mom and then we went to eat breakfast at the lodge. It was scrumptious! I had amazing hash browns. Then, we went to the chapel and did a little prayer. And then, we went to the tetherball court and played some for about 15 min. 

Sadly, due to the rain we had to come home a little early back home. 

I had a phenomenal weekend!

What did you do this weekend?
Which frame from the wall do you think is the haunted one?
Do you like hiking?
Have you ever been to a football game? Or have you ever been to any sports game?


  1. Hi Sporty Katie and Mrs. Yollis's class,

    I really enjoyed your blog post Katie. It sure is fun to travel to different places and see and experience different things. I am Hayden's Uncle Stan and I spend my life traveling and living on a boat with my wife, Hayden's Aunt Diane. In fact we don't even have a house to live in since we live on our boat, which is named CrossRoads. We have traveled all over on CrossRoads including up and down the entire East Coast of the US and we once helped a friend sail their boat from New Zealand to Fiji which took almost 8 days at sea. We also have been all around the coasts and islands of Alaska down through British Columbia, Canada and down the West Coast of the USA to Mexico. Right now we are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Living on a boat is lots of work but also great fun. We see lots of animals almost everyday. In Alaska we saw eagles, otters, sea lions, whales, dolphins, fish, all kinds of birds, grizzly bears, deer and moose. Coming down the coast and here in Mexico we see lots of whales, pelicans, sea lions, iguanas and crocodiles. Sometimes a group of dolphins (called a pod) like to come play at the bow (the front) of our boat. Soon we will be leaving here and we will make our way down the coast of Central America visiting El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Then we'll go through the Panama Canal with some gigantic ships and end up in the Caribbean Sea. Its all a big adventure and I hope that all of you will have great adventures in your lives too!

    Uncle Stan

  2. Dear Sporty Katie,

    First of all, I miss you! :-) I can tell that you are happy in your new house, but I think of you often and am glad to see you are still blogging!

    I graduated from college up in Santa Barbara. The school was named University of California at Santa Barbara or UCSB. Many of the places you featured are places that I used to visit too. I was happy to hear that Cold Springs Tavern is still a happening spot.

    You asked if I like to hike. Mr. Yollis, Buck, and I love to go for long walks, especially if Buck can be off leash. Not all places allow dogs to be off leash, but there is a nice trail near our house that we all enjoy.

    This last weekend, we drove to San Diego to have some fun. We stayed in an area called Coronado Island, and it was terrific. There was a dog beach there, so you can imagine the fun! Not only did Buck love to chase other dogs, but we discovered he has a passion for digging, too! Sometimes he would spray us with sand and we would have to reorient him! Oh, Buck!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Your proud former teacher (and Theo's teacher too),
    Mrs. Y♥llis